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My Reverie Garden Blog is a diary collating the notes of my never-ending search to create experiences that provoke emotions and stimulate thought and imagination about dreams, luxury and creativity. A real luxury, dreams have been a key word in my entire life, ever since I was a child and, in my hometown Venice, my mum would enhance my games with her imagination and she taught me how to use creativity to make my dreams come true.

It was Carnival time in Venice, and I would wear the costumes and the masks that she would make for me. My childhood probably shaped my personal and professional destiny: in the creation of the Ballo del Doge, considered the most famous masked ball in the world from 1994, in my design creations using hand-printed velvets and in the planning and designing of luxury events, my dreams keep guiding and inspiring me.

Today I still ask myself if my dreams were feeding my creativity or if it was the other way around.

About me

Running through my veins, you will find both German blood, from my father, and Venetian blood, from my mother. From them I inherited a romantic soul, that of a dreamer, a restless soul, at times, searching for authentic beauty to be worn and to be lived. From Venice I took my spirit of initiative and this city is my source of inspiration: I am a luxury artisan.

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13 April 2018

Written by Antonia Sautter

Diary of a day in a fashion tailor’s shop in Venice

The bond between the artisanal couture and Venice has very deep roots, that inspired and influenced the fashion history since the 300s. Venice, celebrated already back in the 1590, in the work of Cesare Vecellio “Habiti antichi et moderni”, as “miracle of the world”, “mirror of beauty”, “example of good costume”, has always related its […]

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22 March 2018

Written by Antonia Sautter

Fashion Kimonos in Venice: the kimono that makes the outfit

  These days, the kimonos fashion is very popular in Venice, so popular to be considered a “must have” for the wardrobe. My passion for kimonos instead, dates back to when wearing this traditional Japanese garment, could appear extravagant, or at least, singular. In the western world the kimono appeared for the first time in […]

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Il Ballo del Doge 2018

A perfet day in Venice at Carnival

Printing my Velvets in my Atelier

Working behind a private event



“Fashion changes, but style endures”

Coco Chanel

“The perfection of craftsmanship lies in its unrepeatable imperfection”

Antonia Sautter

“We wear a mask to dream not to interpret”

Antonia Sautter

“When something is inside your heart it has to come out”

Antonia Sautter

“There are few occasion to live a waking dream”

Antonia Sautter

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